September 29, 2017



All About Health

This website is to bring awareness about health & food across all ages of people.  In this mechanical world we always provide least priority to our health & food.  These are very vital in everyone’s life as important as money, life goals, visions and ambitions.  Ignorance of health & food results in problems which surface out in various forms during our middle to older ages, ranging from minor ailments to serious health problems.  Gaining of health problems is easy but getting rid of them is costly & time consuming.  We may have to change our life style in order to accommodate good health in our life.  In fact several countries inculcate healthy food habits in part of their culture.  This will have positive effect on the average life expectancy of people.  For example Japan has the highest life expectancy of 84 years on this planet.  This directly reflects on their food habits in their daily life.  The figures for other countries – UK 81 yrs, USA 78 yrs, China 75 yrs, India 68 yrs.

This website intends to provide useful information about health, health problems and the role of natural foods on our health, health tips, healthy foods & supplements and lots and lots of information. The website is just started and as we move on, you may pick up useful stuff during the journey.

We have only one life and one body. Let’s celebrate our life with wonderful health.